The company allocates 90% of its production to the production of (thermo-acoustic) components for the automotive sector. The extensive technical and experimental activity has made it possible to develop innovative materials for the automotive industry, concentrating its resources on exhaust systems. Among the major customers we can highlight industrial realities of proven value, all orbiting directly in the related area of AUTO, MOTORCYCLES, TRUCKS, AGRICULTURAL and INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES. Profitable trade relations are maintained with companies on the international market.


The company is present on the national and international market as an OEM and AM supplier. The high technology achieved in the design and production of its products, as well as the continuous monitoring of chemical characteristics, places it at the forefront in the creation of articles and products aimed at protecting the environment, contributing to the reduction of emissions and noise pollution. Vale S.r.l., thanks to its qualified European and global experience of the highest soundproofing and environmental protection requirements, responds to ready solutions for current regulations and is committed to subsequent ones.


The company guarantees a coherent 360° service, together with its operative staff it is constantly committed to achieving its objectives, including:

  • suitable, complementary and specifically targeted products and services;
  • cutting-edge technical expertise and professionalism;
  • prices appropriate to the overall service provided;
  • timeliness of intervention and accuracy of work;
  • organization skills;
  • probe and identify the finalized needs;
  • empathy and human relationship;
  • targeted, pertinent and essential commercial communication;
  • continuous management of the relationship with the customer.

This global perspective is indispensable today since only a compact and effective service can characterize and differentiate the company on the market, generating satisfaction and trust for a long time.